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A Typical Day

Students experience a variety of academic enrichment activities through a day at the CAN Summer Program.

6th Grade7th Grade8th Grade
8:00Bus pick up – Students & Peer Mentors
8:50-9:00Catch Up and Connect – Advisory Period
9:00-9:45Language ArtsCivicsArt
9:50-10:35STEM – ScienceSTEM – MathLanguage Arts
10:40-11:25ArtLanguage ArtsSTEM – Science
11:30-12:05PE/Team Building
12:10-12:45Lunch and Free Time
12:50-1:35CivicsSTEM – ScienceSTEM – Math
1:45-2:25STEM – MathArtCivics
2:30-3:15Personal Development & Study Skills
3:15-3:30CAN Community Time
4:00Bus Drop Off – Student & Peer Mentors

Students are generally organized by grade level in groups of up to 15.  They travel together with their dedicated Peer Mentors throughout the day, developing friendships and a sense of community. 

Students move through a 45-minute rotation in each of their courses.

Students will attend five key classes throughout the day:

STEM – Through hands-on learning, students will advance their skills and understanding in key areas of science and math.

Language Arts – Using the written and spoken word, students explore different ways to use their voices and discover how life-long literacy can empower them.

Civics & Character Development – Students explore and practice what it means to be an engaged citizen in a local, national, and global community.

Art – Students will uncover the possibilities of expressing their unique vision and character through experiences in the fine arts.

Personal Development & Academic Success – Students will build skills that promote general life success, including goal setting, stress management, cooperation skills, time management, study skills, and other character development.

Advisory Period. Each day begins as a community to catch up with our new friends, Peer Mentors, and teachers before reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and sharing any announcements for the day.

Fun. Their day includes recreational team building activities outside (weather permitting) before lunch.

Lunch. Lunch will be eaten together as a community taking time to appreciate each other and the gifts in our lives. Everyone takes turns serving the CAN community lunch.

Community Time. We will end our days together as a community to celebrate the day’s achievements and successes, and also discuss the lessons learned from their day.

This vital community time helps students strengthen their friendships and communication skills – preparing them for new challenges and another successful day!

Departure. Students are joined on their bus rides home with Peer Mentors.

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