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Preventing Summer Learning Loss For Rural Middle School Students

The Summer Slide

Compass Academy Network focuses on summer enrichment because of the summer slide.  Summer learning loss, also known as the “Summer Slide”, is a well-documented phenomenon that education researchers have studied for over 100 years. “Summer Slide” describes the common experience of students losing some of what they learned the previous year because they are not academically engaged or challenged during the summer.

Three trends are consistent across summer learning research:

  • achievement typically slows or declines over the summer months.
  • declines tend to be steeper for math than for reading.
  • the extent (proportionally) of loss increases in the upper grades.

Students from third to eighth grade typically lose 25-30% of the gains made in math during the previous school year, and 15-25% of the gains in reading during the summer.

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Middle School Matters

Middle School is a critical time for students as they work toward developing their own identities, confront physical changes, and face new social pressures. 

During summer, this age group is particularly at risk as they are old enough to be left alone but not old enough to consistently make good choices. The choices that are made at this time can impact a student’s trajectory in high school and beyond. 

Rural Summer Enrichment Resources

The Compass Academy Network is dedicated to serving rural communities because rural students are often overlooked. The CAN program is currently offered at three locations: Joplin, MO, Neosho, MO, and Columbus, KS

Most school enrichment and summer programs are directed at urban centers. Unmet demand for summer school programming is highest in rural areas.  

The Compass Academy Network prioritizes students from low-income households in rural communities to support students and families with the greatest need. 

"High-quality summer learning programs have been shown to improve reading and math skills, school “attachment,” motivation, and relationships with adults and peers."

Summer Slide
The Summer Slide

is what often happens to disadvantaged children during the summer months. They tread water at best or even fall behind, while higher-income children build their skills steadily over the summer months.

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Gap in Reading
Gap In Reading

Summer learning loss during elementary school accounts for two-thirds of the achievement gap in reading between low-income children and their middle-income peers by ninth grade.

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2 months
Two Months

Most students lose two months of mathematical skills every summer, and low-income children typically lose another two to three months in reading.

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The Achievement Gap

between children from high- and low-income families is roughly thirty to forty percent larger among children born in 2001 than among those born twenty-five years earlier.

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Summer Programs
Summer Learning Programs

Elementary school students with high levels of attendance (at least five weeks) in voluntary summer learning programs experience benefits in math and reading.

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9/10 teachers
9 in 10 Teachers

9 in 10 teachers spend at least three weeks re-teaching lessons at the start of the school year.

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