The Program

Opportunities for Lifelong Learning

The Compass Academy Network Program

Each summer, CAN will offer engaging 4-week summer learning experiences that are academic, experiential, and practical.

The Compass Academy Network’s engaging curriculum includes enrichment activities in reading, writing, STEM, fine arts, civics, and personal development. CAN’s curriculum is designed by a team of experienced and dedicated educators to support student growth.

Summer programs are followed by quarterly gatherings during the school year with CAN faculty and Peer Mentors to provide one-on-one support, guidance and encouragement.

The Compass Academy Network Program aims to provide educational enrichment, personalized support, guidance, and encouragement to support the students’ continued growth and development into more competent and confident individuals, students, and citizens.

The program is designed for students to return each summer. Participation throughout all of middle school maximizes the benefits of the program.

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Home District

Compass Academy Network works with students' home school districts to address each student's needs.


Parents are an integral part of a student's success. As part of the Compass Academy Network Program, we provide resources for parents to support their students.

Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors provide support and individualized encouragement to each Compass Academy Network Student. 


Our experienced and caring teaching staff help ensure that every student is reaching their fullest potential at Compass Academy Network programs.

Area Students

Compass Academy Network helps students become citizen-leaders and positively impact area students around them. 

The Community

Compass Academy Network partners with local community leaders to ensure that every student has their needs met.

The Summer Program

Compass Academy Network students participate in a dynamic learning experience, and participate in additional quarterly programs with CAN faculty and Peer Mentors throughout the school year.

Through a rich and interactive curriculum, the program is designed to inspire students to:

  • Find joy in learning
  • Develop a deeper understanding of their strengths and passions
  • Acquire the academic and social skills and the self-efficacy necessary to succeed
  • Discover the essential elements of their own moral compass, and the character and confidence to reach for their dreams.
  • Connect with educators, Peer Mentors, and other students in a supportive community.

The program is designed for students entering grades 6 through 9.

Enrollment in a no-cost academic summer program such as CAN provides students with a stable and organized summer enrichment opportunity enhanced by its community and critical thinking focus. CAN offers a personal connection and hands-on experience that online sources and workbooks cannot.

Now more than ever is the time to enroll in CAN. CAN’s program is designed to bolster students’ confidence and self-awareness so that they can better maneuver the challenges of life.

All school supplies, healthy lunches, and snacks provided!

Corporate Sponsors

Compass Academy Network thanks our corporate sponsors.

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The Partners

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The Curriculum

Learn more about CAN's challenging and unique curriculum

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The Locations

Learn more about the Compass Academy Network locations

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