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Compass Academy Network is proud to partner with area school districts to help students achieve more academic success, continue to develop a strong character, and build confidence to achieve their goals. 

CAN operates with the belief that students benefit when engaged community members work together to help support student needs.  It is not intended to replace any school program, but rather to work as a support structure to the work school districts are already doing to prepare their students for success.

Partner Schools work with CAN to help deliver the best experience for students by providing feedback used to track and evaluate the program’s success.

For our Partner Schools, the Compass Academy Network helps:

  • Prevent summer slide for students, allowing teachers in the fall to build on continued success.
  • Support individual student success through extra academic, social, and emotional support.
  • Continue to build better test scores.
  • Develop student leaders within Partner Schools to positively impact their peers.
  • Provide qualifying Partner Schools with an additional discretionary funding source.
Partner Schools that have at least 15 students complete the summer program are awarded a $5,000 grant to put towards middle school needs of their choice.
Want to see CAN come to your area? So do we! Contact Us with your interest and ideas. 
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