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CAN continues to monitor the CDC and WHO for the latest updates. In the meantime please use this list of on-line resources to keep yourself challenged and learning while practicing safe social distancing.
Online Resources for Students

Host a Virtal Hangout –

Make Harry Potter Potions and Butterbeer –

Learn to Code –

Learn a Language – or

Create your own music – or

See how much you know –

Cool classes like Pixar in a Box and Imagineering in a Box –

Weird but True –

Geography from Space –[;pre-and-learn/geography-from-space/

What causes our weather? –

Become a math wiz –

Solve problems in space –

Watch live animal cams – (need a G Suite account)

Tour a museum –

Learn Yoga –

Want to go to Disney World? Ride the rides at YouTube Virtual Disney World

Worried about the planet? Watch

Why did King Tut have a flat head? See The Brain Scoop at and other cool videos from The Chicago Field Museum

How well do you know…You? –

Exercise Music –

Read a Book – download the app SimplyE

Learn the Constitution – (starting Monday, March 23, the National Constitution Center will launch a free eight-week series of daily live interactive courses on the Constitution)

Take a YMCA class –

Catch up on the news –

Learn Bird Calls –

Schoolhouse Rock –

Learn to Cook –

Stream an Audio Book –

Learn Sign Language –

Write to an Author –

Upcycle empty Disposable Wipe Containers –

Learn to Draw –

Join a STE(A)M Club –

Take a Hike –

Play Chess –

Create an Obstacle Course – (25 ideas)

Escape from Hogwarts Digital Escape Room –

Learn to Play Guitar –

Tour George Washington’s home –

Make a Chain Reaction –

Work on your Basketball Skills –

Teach Your Old (or Young) Dog a New Trick –

Make a Scrapbook –

Other YouTube Videos:

TED-ed Student Talks
Crash Course (you won’t even notice you’re getting smarter)
SciShow  (science education)
Its OK To Be Smart (science videos)
Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems
Just For Kix (everything dance)
P.E with Joe (30-minute PE lessons)

Online Resources for Parents
General Studies

Khan Academy –

Big Ideas for Little Scholars – (resources for gifted & advanced learners)

Freckle by Renaissance – app (math, ELA, social studies, science) – (Video chat classes by inspiring teachers, classes start at $5)

Top 10 Podcasts for Kids –

Scholastic Learn at Home –

Smithsonian Learning Lab – (distance learning resources)

Open Culture – (courses from top universities) (extensive web and home schooling resources in all areas)

Gifted Guru – (learning at home and free resources)

Breakout Edu – (digital games in core subjects)

Education Possible – (creative learning activities for middle schoolers)

Learning Hero – (keeping your student on track)

Great Schools – (teaching at home, book lists, and grade based toolkits)

TED-ED At Home –

National Geographic –


Eureka Math –

Math Geek Mama – (teaching math at home)

Language Arts

Squiggle Park – (reading comprehension)

Read – (reading comprehension)


Experiments You Can Eat with Your Kids –

STEM Lessons in the Kitchen –


Art Lessons –


Theatrefolk – (acting, playwriting, Shakespeare)


National Archives – (working with primary sources)

History For Kids –


Incredibox – (create your own music)

Classics for Kids – (games, composers)

Physical Education

Active For Life –

Questions about Youth Sports –

At Home Workouts –

Planning and Planting a Kids Garden –


Coronavirus Updates –

Daily Meditations for Stress Relief –

Indoor Activities to Release Kids Energy –

Pinterest – fun activities to do at home, google science projects to try out

There are so many amazing life skills that your student won’t be taught in a traditional school setting that you now can teach them. Have your kids help you bake or cook dinner, clean, do laundry, check the oil, remove and change a tire, mow the lawn, or balance a check book!

What other resources do you want? Submit them in the question box below. We’ll find them and add them to this page. Keep checking back for more activities!

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