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During the 4-week summer session, students will explore topics in STEM, Civics, Language Arts, Personal Development, Art, and Team Building. Classes are taught by our team of experienced educators who are supported by Peer Mentors. CAN’s curriculum gives students opportunities to engage hands-on with subjects that interest them.

The Key Classes
Language Arts

The Language Arts curriculum focuses on developing fundamental communication skills that are essential for success in middle school and beyond. During class, students explore the written and spoken word through poetry, storytelling and writing. Students are given the opportunity to seek different ways to use their voices and learn how life-long literacy can empower them.

Mathematical Reasoning

Through hands-on learning, students will advance their skills and understanding of key concepts such as logical decision-making and informational literacy to help them succeed in school and life.


The Arts curriculum allows every student to express their creativity. The Arts curriculum integrates with all of the other courses to create an inter-disciplinary approach that allows students to see the possibilities of expressing their unique vision and perspective through experiences in different artistic mediums – from calligraphy to the illustration of literary works.

Student work is displayed in a gallery for the public to see during the CAN graduation celebrations.

Personal Development & Academic Success

Our Personal Development curriculum teaches students the skills needed to succeed in middle school, high school, college, and beyond. During Personal Development, CAN scholars learn goal setting, stress management, effective communication, and approaches to personal improvement in addition to developing critical study and time management skills.

Students work one-on-one with teachers and Peer Mentors to develop strategies that work for every individual. Students follow up with the CAN Team on their Personal Development goals at CAN quarterly meetups.

Civics & Character Development

CAN’s Civics curriculum helps students develop as citizens and leaders. Students will understand and begin to practice what it means to be an engaged citizen in a local, national, and global community. During Civics, students discuss current events and historical issues that affect today’s society. Students explore how to integrate these values and ideas in their lives to contribute to society in new and meaningful ways.

Team Building

CAN’s Team-Building course gives students the opportunity to work in groups to solve problems, overcome challenges, and have fun. Students participate in various games, challenges, and activities alongside Peer Mentors and educators to develop their collaborative skills.

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