Why Summer School is Vital to your Middle School Student in Joplin MO

The Compass Academy Network aims to help students expand upon their learning and have fun while growing. We believe that our free summer enrichment program and its design point students towards academic and personal success. So, why is summer school important to the growth and development of middle school students? Let’s explore three reasons how The Compass Academy Network program can improve your child’s summer.

Retaining Knowledge

Returning to school after a long summer and retaining all the information from the previous school year can often be difficult for students. This is known as the “summer slide” and applies particularly to reading and math skills.  With a summer enrichment program like CAN, students are aided in retaining knowledge to improve the next year of learning. Students can remember what they have learned and use their knowledge more effectively in the future.

Keeping a Productive Schedule

During summer, much of the student schedule is lost. The routine and habit of learning can get lost as well. Summer school can help a student to have fun while keeping that habit of learning in mind. Summer can be a time to develop better time management skills too. Learning doesn’t just have to be boxed into nine months. Summer school can teach students that learning is a part of everyday life.

Getting Caught up

We understand that some students take more time to learn different concepts in school. For some, it can be challenging when the knowledge just won’t stick. With a summer enrichment program such as CAN, students can build their confidence and skills vital to their future. Summer can also be an opportunity to dive deeper into reading and topics of interest.

The Compass Academy Network wants to invest in students’ lives to improve their development and ability to learn important skills. Our program is designed to inspire the students and push them toward success. We believe that character, personal development, and academic growth are equally important in the development of students to improve the future.

Have questions about our summer program? We would love to answer any questions you have. Visit our contact page on our site here: https://compassacademynetwork.org/request-information/.