Dear Compass Academy Network (CAN) Student, 

Welcome to the Summer 2020 Compass Academy Network! We’re very excited that you have chosen to join us this summer. And, like many other things this summer, CAN will look a little different than normal.  

My name is Clayton Carnahan, and I am the new Program Director of CAN. I’m originally from Southeast Kansas, and I’ve now lived nearly half my life in Joplin. I’ve been working with some really great CAN teachers and administrators to provide interesting and fun educational resources to you. 

Plans for This Summer 

Rather than going digital, our goal this summer is to get you up and thinking and to challenge your minds. Each week, we will provide interactive packets with a specific theme like this one for you to work through along with a classic novel to add to your library. Each packet will contain everything you need to complete the challenges. Through reading more, finding solutions, and exploring nature, you will be challenged to discover new things and learn more about the world around you and your place in it. This is an opportunity to really challenge yourself, and I hope you will! On the next page, you will see an overview of what’s in store. 

For your first assignment, please text or email your name to my email address, If you are sending this by text from a phone, just paste my email address right into the “to” box in a text message. This will send your text as an email to me, and it will allow me to view photos of assignments you will be sending. 

Weekly work can also be sent back to us either by emailing or texting a picture of your completed challenge to me at Please be sure to include your name on each text or email. 

I look forward to meeting with you and working alongside you this summer! 

Best Regards,

Clayton Carnahan 

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