How to Find The Best Summer Learning Program For Your Child

A summer learning program can be the perfect solution to help students retain the academic and social skills they acquired during the school year. A meaningful summer experience helps kids learn important life lessons while having fun and making new friends. If you and your child are looking for a summer program that is both academic and fun to participate in over their school break, here are a few things to consider.

Different Types of Summer School Programs

Some summer school programs, like Compass Academy, are content-rich using an exciting hands-on approach to learning. This allows the program to focus on enrichment in a variety of subject areas: language, STEM, art, personal development, academic success, civics, character development, and team building. At Compass, middle school students are immersed in these topics during our free four-week summer enrichment program. This type of program is designed to help students improve their academic skills and prevent them from losing the skills they have already learned.

Other types of programs include traditional summer school classes. These are generally focused on remediation rather than enrichment. 

All types of summer schools will offer benefits to your child. It is up to the parent, student, and teachers to decide which type of learning program will best benefit the individual student.

Preventing The Summer Slide

Every summer, some students are at risk of losing as much as two months of mathematical skills and two to three months of reading skills. This phenomenon is referred to as “The Summer Slide”. The Summer Slide can frequently be seen in children who do not participate in summer learning experiences.

To help combat this, Compass Academy Network partners with rural school districts to support student growth and learning, especially during the summer months. This prepares students to return to school in the fall empowered and motivated to start the year with enthusiasm and strengthened skills. 

At the heart of this advice is a simple idea: just by planning their child’s summers, parents can have a huge effect on their children’s education.

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